The beach of Benirrás is located on the north side of the island of Ibiza. The beach is famous for its sunsets to the rhythm of the drums, its hippy markets and its emblematic 27 meter high rock Cap Bernat located at the outskirts of the bay. A legend says it is a horse that Archangel Saint Michael turned into a rock. It depends from which side you look at it, some people see a queen sitting on her throne, others a howling wolf … It all depends on the imagination of each one.

But before that, we have rowed from the port of Sant Miquel, a nautical mile (about 1800m), passing by all the corners, coves and hiding places that we find along the way. Also by the tiny cave with a sandy bottom located very close to Benirrás, to which we go to observe the atmosphere of the beach, with all the people dancing and watching the sunset to the sound of the drums.

But what we most like is the sea and it is from there that we like to watch the sunset, near the rock of Benirrás, away from the crowd of the beach, with the rhythm of the drums in the background, floating on our SUP boards, enjoying a good cold beer and sucking up the energy that the sea, the setting sun and the rock of Benirrás give off. An enhancing experience!

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