Water Balance

Freediving & Paddle Board Experience

Blue Heaven Freediving Ibiza and Mediterrania Paddle Surf Ibiza offer you this innovative experience, uniting stand up paddle surfing and freediving, two complementary water sport activities.

This idea is focused on getting to know our own body, both its limits and fears as well as the control and command we can achieve through good practice. In order to reach the most incredible places the island offers.

TIME SPAN: 4 hours

• We start with a short class on physiology and adaptation to the marine environment,  basic concepts.
• Relaxation techniques and breathing exercises on land.
• Static breath-holding practice in the sea, with the support of paddle boards.
• Practicing compensation, to be able to comfortably compensate the pressure on our ears in depth. Once we feel comfortable and safe because we have better control of our body and mind, we head to the open sea to discover an incredible world underwater.
• Outing on paddle surf boards + freediving (between 5m to 8m depth).
REQUIREMENTS: Good physical condition, know how to swim.

• We start with a series of exercises and diaphragm and intercostal stretching (aimed at more efficient breathing).
• Meditation and breathing exercises on land.
• Static breath-holding in the sea.
• Compensation practice (Frenzel) and kidney stroke on the freediving buoy.
• Outing to the sea, paddle + freediving (depth between 10m-15m)
• REQUIREMENTS: Freediving certificate, good physical condition, knowing how to swim.



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