Basic benefits:
Practicing Stand Up Paddle Surf, we exercise almost all the muscles we have in our body. Standing in equilibrium on the board activates already muscles that walking we almost do not work out. We improve our reflexes.
Paddling we use the muscles of the arms, back and shoulders, as well as the famous Core (abdominal, lumbar, pelvic, gluteal and deep musculature of the spine) to keep balance on the board.
Another important benefit is that it is not an aggressive sport for our body, it is considered as a low impact sport so it is unlikely to damage tendons and ligaments.
It improves our physical condition. Depending on the intensity of paddling and the conditions of the sea, we will use the aerobic or anaerobic zones, thus improving our cardiovascular physical condition.
Consumption of calories. In one hour of paddle surfing we burn approximately 400 kcal/h at a moderate pace. At higher intensity can be lost between 800 and 1000 kcal/h.

And the most important thing: like all sports, it helps us eliminate stress and we relax. On days I find myself a bit listless or I just have a bad day, going out to row and connect a little with the sea brings back my smile and gives me back the energy and a bit of inner peace.
Who can resist all this? I assure you, not me! Everyone let´s go Sup!!

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