Ibiza´s Sunset is one of the shows that can be seen almost every day of the year. Many, many people congregate at places like Khumaras, Sunset Ashram, Cafe del Mar, Hostal La Torre, etc … Many others on cliffs, towers, at beaches or on the terrace of their house, if they have the fortune to be able to contemplate it from there . But why do we like to watch the sunset so much? It seems that the sunset has the power to change our mood, soothes us, relaxes us and makes us see the beauty of life. Who is able to refuse all this? We do not! And that’s why we put it into practice every day in the way that we like it the most, practicing SUP. We are lovers of the sea, it calls us every day and we return the call  going there with our SUP to bid farewell day after day to the Sun.
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